The role of folklore in the cultivation of national traditions





The two-year project in three schools: Cyprus, Hungary and Spain are working together on a topic.

In two years, the teachers and students will have the opportunity to personally familiarize national culture
of the partner institutions, as well as learn about each other's culture exchange visits.


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Spring Traditions

26/03/2013 21:40
Hungarian Tradition   Pentecost.pdf (184,5 kB)   Spanish Tradition    las marzas article.pdf (2,2 MB)   Traditions in Cyprus  Spring tradition.pdf (298,7 kB)

Cookie recipes

21/12/2012 13:36
Spanish recipes TURRÓN DE ALICANTE.pdf (156,1 kB) QUESADA PASIEGA.pdf (130,5 kB) Roscon de Reyes.pdf (154,4 kB) Cyprus recipes cyprus recipes.pdf (1 000,1 kB) Hungarian recipes Hungarian recipies.pdf (1,3 MB)    


17/12/2012 14:20
Hungarian article Day of Luca.pdf (128,9 kB)   Spain article thethreewisemen.pdf (79,7 kB)   Cyprus article traditional customs of Cyprus.pdf (3,1 MB)

Christmas songs lyrics and sheets

12/12/2012 23:55
Hungarian songs HUNGARIAN LYRICS.pdf (91,9 kB) HUNGARIAN MUSIC SHEETS.pdf (263,7 kB)     Spanish songs SPANISH LYRICS AND MUSIC SHEET.pdf (117,3 kB) LOS PECES EN EL RÍO.pdf (69,7 kB) Alegría Alegría Song.pdf (14,5 kB) Ay Del Chiquirritín Song.pdf (30 kB) Songs.pdf (424,3 kB)   Cyprus...

Logo creation

26/10/2012 20:59
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