Our project will enable each school to get acquainted with each others culture, traditions, customs and festivals.

The goal will consist of arising students' tolerance and respect for themselves and other nations, cultures.

Activities which serve to realize these goals will be inserted into each school's syllabus, lessons, out of class activities, school projects and will be discussed during staff and school assemblies. These activities will be factors of integration for SEN and disadvantaged students.


For the students, age 6-15, these activities will serve as a basis for intellectual curiosity enhanced by:


  • making a functional and cross curricular use of reading and writing
  • performing traditions customs on stage for other students, parents and for other countries' schools
  • using digital devices to do research and to communicate with partner schools
  • broadcasting our works on local, regional and European news media.


For teachers this project will be about exchanging on teaching methods, experiences.

For each institution the project will be a good opportunity to involve more students free time activities and make school more attractive to them with the help of folk games, folk toys, folk songs, folk musical instruments old stories, DVDs using in native language, art, music, PE, IT, and drama lessons.

The children, who have never gone abroad and can't afford this will have the chance to see different countries, religions and cultures. This will also arise their tolerance and respect to other nations.

By actively communicating within lessons, free time activities, through e-mails, Skype, twitter and on school visits the students will improve their language skills, self-esteem, will raise their awareness of other cultures and break down barriers between each country.